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08/16/17 06:01 PM #1    

John Karam

What a great turnout for the luncheon today, over 2 dozen attendees, with new faces. So nice to see 'mates .

Some discussion was made about our next reunion in 2019. We're in the beginning stages of the 55th (Can't believe it).  We welcome any/all comments, suggestions for venue, time, etc.  Please don't shy away from your input.  When you send a message to this site, it actually disperses it so all members can see it. 

One suggestion was to have a wknd somewhere closer to the middle of the country,  ie., Smokey Mtns, Gatlinburg, since there are numerous classmates living in the South.

We DO need/want your input, no ideas are unimportant.  Looking forward to hearing from the lot of you.  

Take Good Care,  jk

08/17/17 11:43 AM #2    

Thomas Hersem

While it is a great idea to have the 55th in a venue other than Saginaw (and I have lived in the South forever), it seems more appropriate, to me, to have it in or near Saginaw, John.  It seems that many of our classmates have not ventured far from the womb  so that Saginaw and its environs may still hold the majority by number. It's  Just my thought.  Y'all have put in the effort on behalf of our class, which I sincerely respect, so take mine for what it's worth.  

On another quick front, it must have been as shocking to you as it was to me to lose Kim McCullough a few days ago.  We knew him from fourth or fifth grade and he was bigger than life, even back then. I expected him to come to my funeral.

Best to you and all of our classmates.  We are here; let's enjoy it!!!!

Tom Hersem

08/17/17 01:11 PM #3    

John Karam

Great pt. Tom. Thanks. It's a start on the input. Hope others follow. Stay dry and keep on 'truckin'.

08/17/17 01:23 PM #4    

John Karam

From: Twila Lake

Hi Mary Ann. sounds like you are doing a great job of keeping in touch with classmates. Kudos to you.  I wanted to comment on John's idea of moving the 55th venue. I think it is a great idea. Make it a vacation package where everyone can enjoy a vacation together. I really like the idea.

08/18/17 09:16 AM #5    

Edward Sederlund

55th Reunion: Things to consider.

  • Cost, travel, lodging, meals
    • Higher the cost equates to fewer attendees 
  • Location and time of year
    • Easy to get to
    • Weather
    • Things to do besides meet old friends
  • Survey potential attendees for their interest and max out of pocket cost and other items.........

My personal suggestion would be Traverse City area in October. Rates in the local hotels are 1/3 of the Summer rates. Great resturants, sightseeing and many Michigan wineries. Flights from Detroit and Minneapolis. Easy drive form most of Michigan where most grad 64 live. My Thoughts, Ed Sederlund

08/19/17 11:24 AM #6    


Sandra Petry (Eckert)

I like Ed's idea. Traverse City would be beautiful that time of year.

08/19/17 01:09 PM #7    

James (Scott) Turner

​I'll go along with Ed and Sandy.  There may be others who, like myself, have a Florida residency but choose to be in Michigan in the summer.  I think a Michigan location would be convenient for more folks and there are several great locations with T.C. being one of the best.  For this event I would gladly stay until the end of October before heading south, although earlier in October would be better.     Scott Turner

08/19/17 02:30 PM #8    

John Karam

This is great! Love the response so far, keep them coming...............

08/19/17 05:03 PM #9    

Cheri Harper (Aronsson)

Thanks, John and Mary Ann, for keeping us up to date and taking the lead on this future reunion and our last one too.

For me, going back to Michigan is a great part of the reunion experience, bringing back lots of memories.  It doesn't have to be Saginaw.  Any area up North is beautiful and would be attractive and accessible to many.

Thanks again and hoping for see a bunch of you at the 55th.  And YES! WOW!  How did this happen so fast?

Cheri Harper Aronsson

08/19/17 07:30 PM #10    


Michael Lauman

Traverse City would work for us.  Being "Up North" in October would be fun.  Early October would work better than later in the month because many of us (ourselves included) head south in late October. 

08/20/17 09:12 AM #11    


Carol Hanes (Smith)

my only thought about Traverse which is beautiful is we are moving further away for our out of state classmates instead of helping them.   If we went south to pigeon forge area maybe it would be better for more and it is gorgeous in the fall and lots to do.  just thinking about all....but I 'm fllexible


08/20/17 11:49 PM #12    

Kathleen Tarras (Peterson)


The discussion on holding the 55th class reunion out of the Saginaw area with a suggestion of heading north to Lake Michigan and Traverse City seems to be gathering a lot of interest. I will admit I have been living north of TC for the last 17 years so I am big fan of the area but Traverse City would be a good choice as there are a lot of activities to chose from even in Oct. Fewer crowds, lower prices on rooms, a number of great restaurants, bike & walking trails, as well as a lot of water activities, and golfing.



08/21/17 02:57 PM #13    

Jill Byron

Hi Everybody!  I live in TC and flying in and out of here is very expensive.  Just a thought, but what if you did something in Saginaw or around there and then those that want to go on a trip together could all leave from there.  Those that want to just go on the trip part could do that from various locations and those that just want to do Saginaw gathering could do that.


08/22/17 02:47 AM #14    

Jean Ruthig (Mueller)

I would think most of us would not expect to fly into Traverse City but would more likely fly into Saginaw or Flint as it is still home for many of our families.  I love the Traverse City idea.  There is nothing to do in Saginaw anymore (except family for some).  Why are we talking October?

08/22/17 12:38 PM #15    

John Karam

At this pt., we're simply garnering interest/ideas. Hopefully, we'll have numerous suggestions to offer a survey of sorts. Sites mentioned  so far were Mt. Pleasant, Mackinaw City, T.C., and Gatlinburg, TN. Also, October was a suggestion due to fall colors along with activities.

"Keep 'em coming"..............................

04/19/18 08:10 PM #16    

Nancy Dean (Horton)

Thank you for all of your work on the last reunion, and for planning the next gathering. 

I think that I would prefer a location in Michigan, because I would not want to exclude classmates who might find traveling difficult, and as someone pointed out, there are a number of our classmates still living in the area.  For those of us who do not visit Saginaw for any other reason, seeing the old "haunts" was interesting.

Have there been many responses to the actual survey ?


04/20/18 10:22 AM #17    

John Karam

                                                  Survey Responses

As of today, (4-20-18) we have had 35 responses to the survey. Breakdowns are as follows:

15 want Fri

16 want Sat

14 ----Saginaw

8   ----Northern MI

4   ----Out of state options

6   ---  Spring

10 ---  Summer

19 ---  Fall  (Where numbers don't match 35, some left blank)

Nobody wanted a formal affair (50th) Those that did answer,

wanted casual, meet-n-greet, whether it's Fri/Sat, or both. A few opted for Sat. day trip activities.

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